May 11, 2007

As the case back in Illinois Becky and I decided to take a ride at dusk last evening.  We turned the up the Knik River road the opposite way that we usually go to town.  Turning this way is a dead end several miles up the road but we seldom go that way.  We used to enjoy going out at that time of evening because we knew we would see deer feeding at dusk.  Wildlife was abounding.

We were amazed at what we saw just on one short drive.  Here are just a few of the pictures we took along with a few videos.  In just a few minutes we saw an eagle, 5 moose, lots of ducks, 1 porcupine, a beautiful sunset, and 2 black bears all within 3 miles of our house.  The trees are just now budding out.  The porcupine was eating buds off the undergrowth along the road.  The bears were digging something out there.  I think maybe roots?  The moose was drinking.  He walked away shortly after. 

Please click on the images so see a much larger view. 

There are also 4 short videos below

Bear 1      Bear2     Porcupine      Moose